Westway Park goes electric

Ever aware of the environment and carbon footprint, Westway Park in Renfrew has joined forces with award-winning Allied Electric to provide a Peugeot electric car for the site management team at the park.

Mark Holmes of Moorfield Group said: “We had been considering switching to an electric car at the park for some time and Allied allowed us to pilot it. We are pleased with the results and confident that Allied can provide the ideal solution to enable us to reduce environmental harm and cut emissions, as well as making sound economic sense.”

Glasgow-based Allied Electric is a new and innovative vehicle manufacturer committed to reducing environmental harm by bringing practical and reliable zero emission electric vehicles to market. The Westway car will be used by the site management and security teams who clock-up an average of 8,000 miles a year by travelling around the park.

The car combines the latest in lithium-ion battery technology and electronic management software and is ideal for daily use around large industrial parks like Westway. Powered by the reliable and efficient Ansaldo electric motor, Allied Electric’s zero emission electric vehicles are just that – no emissions are produced in propelling the vehicles.